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Iris - Car Restraint - BillyBCollective

Iris - Car Restraint

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Safety first! Click your woof securely into the car with our car restraint. Designed to be adjustable to suit woofs big and small, they ensure your dog is not able to roam freely around the car (or jump into the front seat with you) whilst you’re driving. After all, you wouldn’t drive without your seatbelt, so why let your woof go without having one of their own!

  • Soft cotton outer
  • Inner webbing core
  • Seat belt attachment (fits most standard buckles)
  • Zinc-alloy clip available in your choice of 4 finishes 

    Complete the look with matching accessories.


    All of our car restraints are adjustable in length. They can be adjusted to anywhere between 35cm-60cm (approx), they are also 20mm in width. From our experience this is the ideal length for woofs big and small.


    We recommend spot cleaning with mild washing detergent by hand. To dry, lay flat in the shade to air dry. If any items get wet we recommend rinsing them in fresh cold water immediately and air-drying in the shade with any buckles undone. We do not advise machine washing or tumble drying.


    As all of our products are made to order lead times do apply. Please check our shipping page to find out our current lead time.

    Further information about our shipping policy can be found here.

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